Friday, November 20, 2009

Repurposing Your Altoids Tins

I came across this great idea for repurposing Altoids tins in "Girlfriend Getaways" magazine. I'm a major fan and consumer on Altoids, as many people are. (Cinnamon is my favorite!) Here are just a few ways you can use these little tins for storage. Great idea for when you are traveling or just for everyday! And this can be your small contribution to "going green!

1. Jewelry - necklaces that don't tangle too easily or multiple pairs of earrings. Great idea for travelers.

2. Aspirin - Instead of paying an inflated price for the travel size bottles, just pour some in a tin.

3. Hair Accessories - Hair bands, bobby pins, small barretts or clips. I'm always digging for them in my purse.

4. Sewing kit - buttons, thread, needle, safety pins

5. Ipod earphones

6. Almonds. Tis is my favorite idea. I read that an Altoid tin holds exactly a single serving of almonds. Great healthy snack when you're on the go.

Other things you could store in the tins are bandaids, throat lozenges, and loose change (if you can stand the noise!) The possibilities are endless! If you think of something not included on this list, please post a comment so we can all share!


  1. I like to make little marble magnets (using my drawings) these:
    you put them in altoid tins and can gift them.

  2. Went to the site to check out the magnets. Super cute! I would love to see some of yours!